Dear Readers

Our Site Has Changed!

The content which was previously here has hit its intended target audience. Unfortunately, they didn't like it! We are obviously disappointed as we believed it to be quite complimentary. However, we have bowed to their wishes to ensure that future visitors to this site are under no illusion that there is any connection between 'us' and 'them', so for clarity's sake:

  1. WE are the 'Assholes'; THEY are the 'Adjudicators.'
  2. WE sh*t on students; THEY work on behalf of students to resolve student complaints, as is evidenced here:

However, if you have arrived here by mistake, and were actually looking for 'them', you can find 'them' here , though you would be wise to check out this list of things you ought to know about 'their' site, first.

Of course, we understand that some of our readers will be devastated at losing our very popular original site, so we would like to reassure you that it may not have disappeared completely, or in fact, at all, and in fact it may have actually increased its number tenfold, (which is what tends to happen when you try to suppress the truth, especially when that truth uses a medium which cannot be erased).

So, the truth is simply that, due to (unlawful) circumstances beyond our control,it is not available here, and we would not be at liberty to say on this page where it was, or if it actually still existed. It might be, say, in Russia, or China, or even holed up in an Ecuadorian Embassy in London. ;-D Who knows?

Have fun finding it, Assholes!

Universities and Student's Unions